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ODEN'S SWORD ENMA & ALLIANCE! One Piece Episode 954-956 Reaction
ODEN'S SWORD ENMA & ALLIANCE! One Piece Episode 954-956 Reaction

นอกจากการดูเนื้อหาของบทความนี้แล้ว ODEN'S SWORD ENMA & ALLIANCE! One Piece Episode 954-956 Reaction ติดตามเนื้อหาเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ด้านล่าง right


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ODEN'S SWORD ENMA & ALLIANCE! One Piece Episode 954-956 Reaction.

kept marine restaurant.

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  1. HotFart says:

    Sure Apoo was a rat but he was already part of Kaido's crew. Basil Snitch9 turned immediately and became a snitch just so he wouldnt die. Kid survived. Hawkins is a bitch.

  2. dannybob42 says:

    So while Kawamatsu and Zoro took care of Kaido's forces, Gyukimaru bounced. In following them however we learn the truth of him. After Hiyori ran away, Kawamatsu fencounters Onimaru, the fox that was once the companion of Ringo's Daimyo, Shimotsuki Ushimaru. Upon finding the graveyard of past Samurai in Ringo, he is forced to desecrate the graves at Onimaru's objections, he knows that these weapons cannot rest until Kaido is defeated.
    Together, Kawamatsu and Onimaru work as a team to steal food and weapons as the bandit 'Gyukimaru', but when Kawamatsu is captured it appears this figure has taken that name and purpose, since Kawamatsu finds an armory of weapons sufficient enough to arm their newfound allies. All thanks to Onimaru, who is able to turn into human form like a Kitsune (in databooks we learn he simply had a Devil Fruit, the Human Human Fruit: Model Oyundo, which is a yokai taking the form of a giant monk)

    Still there is the matter of Shusui, because it is indeed a sword that was robbed from Ryuma's grave alongside his corpse by Moria, but Zoro did also win it fair and square (not that anyone in Wano believes that though). So, Hiyori suggests an exchange, returning the national treasure of Wano, in exchange for one of Oden's equally-powerful swords – which were able to scar Kaido, named after the God of the Underworld: Enma.

    You can't keep the Law down for long though, soon enough he ends up free from his chains thanks to a silhouetted ally, chopping up Hawkins for some interrogation. Turns out Hawkins didn't betray Kid and Killer, Apoo betrayed them all but he knew the odds were against them, so he chose servitude rather than capture.

    When things are going well though, they're also going badly. Because just as everyone's set up for the battle the odds, with Luffy learning to use Ryou better, Hitetsu revealing that he made Zoro's kitetsu, that Enma and Wado were made by the same dude and that Enma can get stronger than Shusui if it becomes a Black Blade and Zoro getting used to Enma – the blade that will drain Haki from you on its own, the deck gets stacked once more.
    Orochi knows, meaning there is a traitor among us, but that's not even the worst part: Kaido and Big Mom as Allies.

    Next time, Ishitani Hours.


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